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Concerns about street trees can be reported by calling TREE or emailing seattle.

9 rowsLeave Tree Cutting in Washington To The Experts. We have all seen the result of do-it-yourself tree trimming in Washington and they aren't pretty.

When trees have been neglected they will become asymmetrical, have too little or too much foliage, or numbers of other visible problems. Jul 20, Washington State Law On Cutting Down Trees. Arboriculture law, which refers to law regarding trees, varies from state to state.

Arboriculture law covers issues, such as deliberately damaging trees or cutting them down. Other issues are boundary line tree. Whenever any person shall cut down, girdle, or otherwise injure, or carry off any tree, including a Christmas tree as defined in RCWtimber, or shrub on the land of another person, or on the street or highway in front of any person's house, city or town lot, or cultivated grounds, or on the commons or public grounds of any city or town, or on the street or highway in front thereof, without.

Removal of overhanging or obstructing vegetation - Removal, destroying debris. Any city or town may by general ordinance require the owner of any property therein to remove or destroy all trees, plants, shrubs or vegetation, or parts thereof, which overhang any sidewalk or street or which are growing thereon in such manner as to obstruct or impair the free and full use of the sidewalk or street by the.

Types of Illegal Cutting. PARKS: Trees growing within the boundaries of City of Seattle, Department of Parks and Recreation-owned parks and boulevards, as well as City-owned greenbelts may only be pruned after obtaining a permit from the Department of Parks and Recreation. Tree removal is not allowed for view improvement. Tree topping is prohibited on all Parks properties.

It is helpful to have something else in the picture to give the investigator an idea of the size of the tree s.

Healthy trees are an asset. In Washington DC a mature tree can increase property values by 10% making tree trimming in Washington DC a great investment.

Using the proper tree trimming / tree cutting service provides numerous health, aesthetic, safety, and visual access benefits. Tree Pruning / Tree Cutting is one of the most important aspects in maintaining long lasting, healthy trees in Washington, DC. Safety: Pruning your trees.

Because legislatively-enacted tree law is so sparse here, much of Washington's law is based on precedent set by court cases. For example, Merullo cites the case of Costina vs. Ryland. The court ruled that if a tree's branches encroach onto a neighboring property, the owner of that property may trim the branches back to the property line.

In Maier, plaintiffs “were entitled to cut back branches that overhung their property” but the trimming became timber trespass bush green beans falling over, Hanover MA it effectively killed the tree. The weight of these persuasive authorities suggests self-help trimming of encroaching limbs is lawful in Washington. But there is also good reason to hesitate before trimming.

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