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Unfortunately, it does the polar opposite.

Overwatering is a common reason when the indoor Bonsai is planted in poor soil that retains too much water. A few months of overwatering will lead to root-rot, only visible in the tree losing strength and dropping its leaves.

You should water only when the soil gets slightly dry and once the tree does better, repot it in better bushfell.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins. May 02, In any of these cases, wrong fertilization might be to blame for your bonsai losing leaves. Check out the label of the fertilizer that you are using and do your research according to the type of bonsai tree you are growing. 5) Pests or Disease. Last but not least, pests or disease can make the leaves of your bonsai rapidly fall bushfell.clubted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Why does my bonsai keep losing its leaves? There are only a few reasons a bonsai tree would be dropping leaves. The most common reasons for your bonsai dropping leaves are overwatering, underwatering, lack of light and possibly even your tree has a disease.

A lot of beginners are extremely paranoid about their bonsai tree, and new hobby, dying. Normally during winter bonsai tree care in Rockmart, GA is easier. It requires some watering when the soil dries out. In spring its maintenance becomes more intensive because new leaves sprout and thus more nutrients are necessary. That's an appropriate time for pruning, wiring and repotting. If your bonsai tree is placed somewhere very sunny, yet still dropping leaves, it’s most likely to be overwatering or underwatering that’s causing your issue, not the lack of sunlight.

Of course it’s important to bare in mind that if your bonsai is sitting in a window, it’s likely to Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Mar 25, According to Bonsai Primer, common causes of falling bonsai leaves include natural leaf shedding, inadequate light and excessive watering. Inadequate lighting is a particular problem with indoor bonsai. Leaves have a life span and eventually bushfell.clubted Reading Time: 1 min.

Indoor pest problems like mites can cause a bonsai to drop its leaves as the mites destroy them and weaken the tree. Signs of mites include dropped leaves as well as a white film on the leaves before they fall.

Treat the bonsai with a gentle spray pesticide according to. If you forget to water your Bonsai and the soil dries out completely, the roots will quickly dry out and the tree will die. You'll know your roots are drying out when the soil is completely dry and the leaves start to wither and fall off, or if you have an evergreen, its foliage will slowly turn yellow.

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